Not all acting takes place on the stage. Last October, we joined with Ardmore’s Parks and Recreation Department to create a Halloween Haunted Forest. Lots of ALT folks were haunting – clowns, skeletons, zombies, witches, etc. One night the crowd was especially large and it was well past eleven before the actors were released, after five hours out in the damp, dark, cold, windy park.

Donna Hansen Love, who lives in Wynnewood, didn’t bother to change out of her witch costume or remove her horrid green makeup before she hit the highway home that night. Donna picks up the story here: “Finally in the car, I turned the heater and the radio up full blast for the forty mile ride home. Lots of disco and rock and roll manage to keep me awake while driving. At the stroke of midnight I was almost home, singing away to ‘Saturday Night Fever’ when I noticed flashing lights behind me and pulled off the road…

“It was a Deputy Sheriff, so I got my driver’s license out and waited for him to come up to the window. He didn’t get too close to the car and I asked what I had done wrong. Without reaction or comment on my costume or green face, he said I was speeding. He looked at my license and asked where I lived which was only a mile down the road. I told him I was sorry about going so fast but that I had been working in the Haunted Forest since 6:00 and I was tired, cold, hungry and just wanted to get home.

He responded, straight-faced, ‘Oh, I thought you were sick. Just slow it down from now on.’ “

Donna thinks, “Maybe I should carry green face paint in the car at all times – it seemed to work!”

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