Mamma Mia!

What a run! Mamma Mia! closed being one of the most attended productions in the past decade! From the well thought out set – to the over the top costumes, the production had theater goers up out of their seats and dancing in the isles.
Dell McLain, director, took the audience on a journey of lost love, forbidden love, and new love all in a single show! Add to this the fabulous songs from ABBA and you couldn’t help from singing along. Extra seats had to be added along the back to accommodate our large audiences AND we had a waiting list on many of the performances!
Spray tans, beach balls, fish on a string, and feather boas. Just a few things needed to make a production perfect! Speaking of perfect, the orchestra was simply fantastic. Thank you to Dr. David Hobbs for his direction in vocals and music! Shannon Crites and Kelsey Newell (choreographers) were always at rehearsals to ensure the dancers were in step and flippers synced! Without their hard work and efforts, the show would not have been as fun to watch.
Without the cooperation of all the cast, crew, and orchestra, Mamma Mia! could not have been the sensation it was. I am truly grateful to have been a part of another Ardmore Little Theatre hit production!
Until the next curtain,

~Lisa Cowan, Stage Manager

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