Helping folks learn about theatre and hone their skills, we offer a number of classes and workshops throughout the year.  So far in ALT’s 2018-19 year, we’ve had 11 such offerings, led by 10 different folks: Corey King, Dell McLain, Noel Collins, Wendy Berry, Kelsey Newell, Joan Rushing Dewees, Ryan Billingsley, Sharon Postoak, Gordon Micklos, and Carl Clark.

Topics have included auditioning, scene painting, stage management, directing/producing, script and character analysis, backstage tips and techniques, basic tap dancing, introduction to guitar, and – specifically for kids – acting games, vocal workshop, and first dance steps.

ALT Stage Skills Sessions focus mostly on theatre knowledge, performance and production, while the Performing Arts Education series, jointly sponsored by the Goddard Center, touch on different facets/types of the performing arts.  Performing Arts Education events are typically monthly on a Saturday afternoon.  The Stage Skills Sessions usually happen on weekends during ALT’s exclusive-use days while a play is in rehearsal.

Another ‘First Dance Steps’ class for kids 5-13 is set for April 13.  Corey King will do another scene painting class when his schedule allows.  Robb Newell and Nathanael Durbin plan tech sessions on lighting and sound.  Joh Mann wants to do another playwriting class.  There’s been discussion about front-of-house volunteer training including a basic bartending workshop.

Other recently suggested topics include more music, dancing, acting classes for kids; a stage make-up session, and beginning ballet. Let us know if there are performance or production topics you’d like to learn.  And, if you have the experience and expertise to lead a workshop on any relevant topic, step up and volunteer to make it happen.

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