Ardmore Youth Leadership 

    On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, several members of ALT and Goddard’s art faculty spent the afternoon with the 2019  Ardmore Youth Leadership class, teaching them about arts and the community. ALT and the Goddard Center have worked with the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce to help with Ardmore Youth Leadership and Ardmore Leadership training for years.
     Typically the entire class is given an a brief oral overview of the history and operations of Goddard and ALT, then the class is divided into three groups.  One group heads to the auditorium, and two groups go to the Goddard Art Studios, one in the pottery lab and the other in the painting studio. On schedule, the three groups rotate through all three locations, having experienced creative opportunities on the stage, at a potters wheel, and in charcoal sketching.
    With ALT, there’s a brief orientation of the stage and theatre terminology, followed by a short tour through the backstage areas used by ALT (shop, dance studio, prop room, dressing rooms and Green Room. Back onstage, the group is then introduced to a theatre game — Zip Zap Zop — which shows the importance of keeping focused and responding to cues. Then the group does a Mad Lib skit, just like you did Mad Libs in your childhood. Following instructions, they list nouns, locations, actions, etc., which are then plugged into a script based on a fairy tale.  Finally, they choose props and ‘perform’ the script they have completed.  For the adult Leadership Class we typically choose either a comedic or highly dramatic cutting from a play and have the group “perform” the cutting. Everyone has fun.performing their play on the Goddard Stage.
Student using a mannequin leg to be a “giraffe” in the Mad Lib scripts.

This is a good outreach effort, which gives representatives from the community a chance to learn about the performing arts and the visual arts through ALT and Goddard.  If you’d like to helpwith one of the Leadership sessions, let us know. The Adult group is tentatively scheduled to come in April.

MaryAnn Keester

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