The Buttermilk Conspiracy

February 23 – 25th, 2023   

at the Train Depot
251 E Main St, Ardmore, OK 73401

Director:  Carl Clark

Written by the Moonlight Writers

Delphine’s Diner is where folks in the country crossroads of  Buttermilk, Oklahoma gather to gossip and keep each other curious and confused.  Problems with a rowdy rooster, unrequited love and a rumored drug stash at the school turn the town board’s meeting to total turmoil. Everyone’s favorite ex-husband can’t be found when a “city” woman comes looking for him…then later her inert body is found in the graveyard along with a large amount of cash. Trying to solve these mysteries, the local deputy sheriff sniffs around for clues but can’t see evidence right in front of his nose.  Intrigue and revenge add up to a laugh fest in The Buttermilk Conspiracy.