The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon

September 14 – 16, 2023, at 7:00pm
Saturday Matinee, September 16, at 2:30pm

(all performances are at the Murray Event Center, 108 E. Main Street, Ardmore)

Tickets go on sale for Season Ticket Holders August, 30, 2023
Tickets open for the General Public September 8, 2023

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Synopsis: The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are turned on their heads in this fast-paced, rollicking ride as two narrators and several actors attempt to combine all 209 stories ranging from classics like Snow White, Cinderella, and Hansel and Gretel to more bizarre, obscure stories like The Devil’s Grandmother and The Girl Without Hands. A wild, free-form comedy with lots of audience participation and madcap fun. 

The Characters:  There are about 40 roles, some will be doubled.  Anyone over the age of 14 is encouraged to audition.
Two Narrators: All Genders, Storytellers; must be able to memorize many lines; have big personality and able to project; onstage role.
The Actor: Male. Over the top; literally portraying an actor in the show with a show; dramatic. Ends up playing ALL the roles in Cinderella solo for a 10min
The Girl Without Hands: Female. Great at “overacting”; obnoxious yet innocent.
The Dirt Merchant:  All Genders. A cranky seller; bitter and mean.
Rumplestilskin: Male. A mysterious magician; looking for actor that has to be playful, silly, and speak in riddles.
Enchantress: Female. The villain; very powerful; greedy and impatient.
The Devil: All Genders. Strong, evil, and very bad. Big personality.
The Prince:  Male. Member of the Royal Family; overly confident.
Prince 2 :  Male. Member of the Royal Family.
Rapunzel:  Female. A loopy, lovely maiden; innocent.
Audience Member
Hansel & Gretel: Male & Female. Young children of woodcutter speak with European accent.
The Witch: Female. Evil and loud. Big voice and presence.
Dwarf 1 & 2: All Genders. Friends of Snow White, funny personalities.
Snow White: Female. Looking for ingenue type personality and/or Disney princess type.
The Devil’s Grandmother: Female. Must be able to play a wicked old woman. Seeking character type.
Doctor: All Genders. Very proper and authoritative. Stern.
God:  All Genders. Omnipotent male or female, very mysterious large voice.
Cinderella: Female. Princess like. Helpful and kind with loves animals.
Chet Dobray
Talking Fish
Crab Person 1 & 2
Frog Prince
King 1 & King 2
Plinkie Plie
Mother & Father
Witch 2
Prince 3
Little Red
The Wolf