Taming of the Shrew

Auditions: April 24 & 25, 2023 at 7:00pm
Location: The Sutton Center at Ardmore Village, 1550 Knox Rd, Ardmore

**Due to possible rain on Monday and Tuesday, the audition location has moved to the Sutton Center at 1550 Knox Rd., Ardmore

Auditions for Ardmore Little Theatre’s upcoming production of William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” will be Monday and Tuesday, April 24th and 25th at 7:00pm at the Sutton Center, 1550 Knox Rd.   Scripts and monologue selections are available for download below. Anyone over the age of 16 is encouraged to audition. You do not have to be a member of ALT to be involved in the production.

Monica Stolfa has adapted the Shakespearean script for Ardmore Little Theatre’s production and will direct the show.  She has worked with ALT for nearly 30 years and has directed 3 productions, acted and stage managed several more.  Performances will be June 8th, 9th and10th at the downtown Central Park.  A possible Sunday performance will be added in case one of them gets rained out. All performances are at 7:00pm. If there is a Sunday performance it will be determined later as to what time.

Modest and beautiful young Bianca is the most coveted young maiden in Padua…but no one can marry her before a match is found for her wild, willful, “shrewish” older sister, Kate. Kate has tormented and frightened every man who dared to dance her way, and Bianca and her suitors have nearly given up hope. That is, until Petruchio comes to town. When a team of Bianca’s suitors bribe Petruchio to try his hand at marrying Kate, he is eager for the challenge – and to get his hands-on Kate’s considerable dowry. As maddeningly strong-willed as Kate herself, Petruchio is determined that he can “tame” this shrew. What ensues is one of Shakespeare’s most outrageous comedies, in which two misfits who have never compromised in their lives take a riotous journey towards becoming each other’s perfect match.

Audition Process:
The first night of auditions, you will choose one of the monologues posted here to read from.  You do not have to memorize the monologue! Just read from a print out or your phone. Two are for males, and 2 for females. Please don’t let the pieces scare you. You can visit http://nfs.sparknotes.com/ and litcharts.com if you need any assistance with the language. They have every Shakespeare play translated to modern verbage. After your audition on Monday, the director will let you know a character or characters that you will be called back for. You will then be sent home with scenes from the script, that you will be asked to read on Tuesday night. This will be scene readings that will involve several characters. It is strongly suggested that you come the first night of auditions. If you absolutely can’t be there, please contact the ALT office at alt@ardmorelittletheater.com or by calling (580) 223-6387 so we can make arrangements for you to come a bit earlier on Tuesday before callbacks begin.

Monday Night Monolgues to Download
Biodello Monologue
Kate Monologue
Gremio Monologue
Petruchio Monologue

Tuesday Night Cuttings to Download:
1. Bianca and Katharine
2. Katharine and Petruchio
3. Hortensio and Gremio
4. Large Group cutting
5. Tranio & Luncentio

Characters: There are 20 speaking roles are needed, along with chorus members and minstrels. Please check our website for a complete list.  Anyone over the age of 16 is encouraged to audition
BAPTISTA MINOLA, father to Katherine and Bianca (Male 40’s-80’s)
KATHERINE, his elder daughter (F 20’s to early 30’s some physical activity)
BIANCA, his younger daughter (F 18-20’s)
PETRUCHIO, suitor to Katherine (M 20’s-40’s some physical activity)
VINCENTIO, Lucentio’s father (M 40’s-80’s)
Suitors to Bianca:
GREMIO (M 20’s-50’s older man with some physical activity)
HORTENSIO (later disguised as the teacher Litio some physical activity) (M 20’s-50’s)
LUCENTIO (later disguised as the teacher Cambio some physical activity) (M 18-30”)
Servants to Lucentio:
TRANIO (later impersonating Lucentio some physical activity) (M or F)
BIONDELLO (M or F some physical activity)
A Merchant (later disguised as Vincentio) (M 20’s to 60’s)
Servants to Petruchio:
GRUMIO (M or F with some physical activity)
PETER (M or F)
Other Characters
Widow (F)
Tailor (M or F)
Haberdasher (M or F)
Officer (M or F)
Servants to Baptista/Townspeople/Chorus/Singer/Minstrels (M or F)