Sandy Wilson

Directed by
Lil Williams

Ruth Miller Thompson

At the Gilbert Theater

February 9, 10 & 11,1961

It’s Carnival time on the French Riviera, and the “perfect young ladies” of Madame Dubonnet’s Finishing School are all a=flutter with excitement at the opportunity to dress in beautiful frocks, dance the Charleston, and acquire that most prized of possessions — a Boy Friend. Sweet young heiress Polly Browne, whose stern father forbids her to encourage men out of fear that they are after her money, is embarrassed to admit her lack of suitors to her friends, and must hide her shame by sending herself love notes. Enter Tony, a kind, romantic, handsome — messenger boy! It is love at first sight for the darling duo, and Polly, pretending to be Madame Dubonnet’s secretary, enjoys for the first time a romance of equals. Confusion arises when Polly’s father, Percival Browne, arrives in Nice, only to discover in Madame Dubonnet a former flame, and rich old Lord and Lady Brockhurst appear in pursuit of Tony, leading everyone to assume he must be a thief. Will saucy French maid Hortense tell Polly’s secret? Will madcap Maisie choose between her four devoted swains — or keep them all on a string? Will frisky Lord Brockhurst successfully evade his wife? Will Pierrette get her Pierrot? There’s a happy ending for everyone in The Boy Friend, Sandy Wilson’s popular spoof of 1920s’s theatrical, a light-hearted period romp celebrating lovers new and reunited, which features high-energy musical numbers, mistaken identities, plenty of ‘20s slang, and a flirtatious crowd of boys and girls.

Courtesy of Music Theater International