Eleanor and Leo Bayer

Directed by
Lil Williams

October 15-16, 1959

at the Gilbert Auditorium

As described by Chapman, “…has to do with a new bride on a honeymoon in a swell Florida hotel suite. Little did she know that her husband was combining business with wedlock by taking her to a company convention. Instead of swimming in the surf, lazing in the sun and wooing in the chamber, she finds herself caught up in a mess of big deals and little jealousies.

Well, if you know Miss Holm…you can figure it’s a cinch for her to upset the routine of the convention. She says the wrong things to the right people, turns the big meeting into a disaster and strikes a great glow for the freedom of the corporation female.” She invites a free-thinking philosopher, who is known as a corporation killer, to speak to the convention, under the mistaken impression that he is an economist who writes for the The Wall Street Journal; she insults the stuffy wife of the company’s most important customer, and generally manages to create havoc and hilarity wherever she goes. By the end of the play the bride has, of course, managed to get the contract for her husband, and to establish her own independence. All of this is done with great warmth and humor.

Courtesy of Dramatist Play Service, Inc.

Cast List
Bellboy                             John Williams
Helen Sayre                           Ann Riddle
Douglas Sayre                  Hartley Powell
Chuck Robbins                      Burk Mordy
Arthur Underhill                      Les Legate
Marge Robbins             Velma Jo Mitchell
John Wagner                      Mac Lambert
Dr Jonas Lockwood                Clay Gilbert
Myra Mchenry                      June Holden
Spencer Mchenry                 Jim Williams