Upcoming Events

Thursday, Sept 21, 2017

Performance: "Little Women"  7:00pm

Friday, Sept 22, 2017

Performance: "Little Women"  7:00pm

Saturday, Sept 23, 2017

Performance: "Little Women"  7:00pm

Sunday, Sept 24, 2017

Performance: "Little Women" 2:30pm

Monday, October 2, 2017

Auditions: "Murdered to Death" at 7:00pm

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Auditions: "Murdered to Death" at 7:00pm

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Zombie Run Fundraiser, 5:00pm

Regional Park


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Mailing Address:

Ardmore Little Theater

P.O.Box 245

Ardmore, OK  73402

Physical Location:

The Charles B. Goddard Center

401 First Ave., SW

Ardmore, OK  73401

Location: Ardmore Regional Park Pavilion 2704 N Rockford Rd Ardmore, OK

Date: Saturday, October 7, 2017

Time: Registration Pickup begins from 4:00-4:45pm,  Gun Time 5:00pm

This is not a timed event

This event helps raise money for Ardmore Little Theater's Children's Theatre and Scholastic Scholarships

The Zombie Run/Walk is coming. After government budget cuts Karaoke mic sanitizers were no longer in service. This caused a pandemic germ warfare among singing barflys that lead to a Zombie apocalyse.  Your only hope is to make your way through a 2 mile Zombie infested course.  

Runners will be given 3 "health" flags. Try to protect your "health" from the hungry hoard of Zombies.  The goal is to reach the finish line with at least 1 flag. Those lucky few will receive a Survior medal. Those who finish with no flags will recieve a "Deadski" medal.

Whether you are an athleltic type or an average couch worshiper come and experience this unique event to kick off the Halloween season.

Registration Info:

Cost is for Runners and Zombies

Online Pre-Registration: Student/Adult (13+) $25, Youth (12 & Under): $20

Register as a group of 4 or more before completing the registration process and receive $5 off Student/Adult registrations!

Event Day Registration: Student/Adult (13+) $30, Youth (12 & Under): $25

Register as a group of 4 or more and receive $5 off Student/Adult registration!

Click Here to Register

**Pre-Registration price includes t-shirt. For those registering after September 20th,

t-shirts will be available on a first come first served basis, subject to availablity.

Runner's Do's and Do Not's

1. Do wear your flags on the sides-Do Not put them on the front or back, Do Not hide them, pin them or stuff them too far in your clothes. You might loose your britches.

2. Do Not steal a flag from your fellow runner. Do Not pick up a flag off the ground.

3. Children 12 years of age and under Do Not wear flags.  NOTE: Children are welcomed however, some little ones might find people dressed as walking corpses frightening. We leave this to your disgression.

4. Do Not touch the Zombies-No blocking, hitting, kicking, biting, wedgies or noogies etc. to the Zombies.

5. Do wear your bib on the front  

6. Do Not bring baby strollers, bicycles, skate boards, skates or leashed animals onto the course.

7. Do look out for the little people running the course.

8. Do be careful on the course. Remember it is a concrete path with some trees and gravel

9. Do get only 1 new flag at the water stations. No more than 3 flags at any given time please.

10. Do Not bring alcohol, drugs, weapons (real or fake) to the race.

11. Do have a good time and take photos with your favorite Zombie during and after the race.

Rules for Zombies

1. Come dress as a zombified policeman, fireman, nurse, doctor, bride, groom, prom queen, lawyer, bicycle repairman, Karaoke mic sanitizer, tinker, taylor, soldier, spy, used car salesman in a  plaid suit with white wing tips, yourself, chef, etc, etc, etc.... Wardrobe and makeup will not be provided.

2. Do Not touch the runners. Only grab for the flags. No blocking, hitting, kicking, tripping, wedgies or noogies are allowed. NOTE: Children 12 and under will not have flags.

3. You must be 16 years or older to be a flag grabber.

4. Be mindful that the path is concrete and narrow so keep the runners safety in mind.

5.Please use the facilities before you are sent to your designated areas.  Do Not treat the woods as a bathroom.

6. Water bottles are allowed so long as you clean them up after yourself.

7. All children 17 and under should have a parent/guardian accompany them.  

8. Stay in your designated area until after the race director or head zombie tells you to come in.

9. Only grab 1 flag per runner. In other words don't try to grab 2 or 3 flags at the same time from 1 runner.

10. The only thing Zombies say is "Brains"

11. Zombies walk. They don't run.

12. Zombies are Not allowed 10 feet of the water stations

13. No alcohol, drugs, weapons (real or fake) are allowed

14. Non flag grabbing zombies may use props e.g. arm wrestle with arms, have a tea party with other zombies, play soccer with a (fake) head, "eat" your little brother, use the exercise props along the course etc etc etc

15. Do not lay down along the course. You might get stepped on.

16. Do have a good time

17. Allow the runners to have their pictures taken with you

18. Be nice. We have little ones on the course

Thank you to our generous Sponsors:

Ardmore Lions Club

First National Bank

Landmark Bank