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Monday, June 4, 2018

Auditions: "Crazy for You" at 7:00pm

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Auditions: "Crazy for You" at 7:00pm

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Performance: "Beauty & the Beast Jr."  7:00pm

Friday, June 22, 2018

Performance: "Beauty & the Beast Jr."  7:00pm

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Performance: "Beauty & the Beast Jr." 2:30pm

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Performance: "Beauty & the Beast Jr."  7:00pm

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Performance: "Beauty & the Beast Jr." 2:30pm


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“Annie” Call Back List  

Good morning! Below you will find the call back list for tonight at 7pm. There will be a few of you needed at 6:30 if you are able, as you will be working with David Hobbs on a particular music number from the show. I was up extremely late, and you all made my decisions so hard. I want to stress that if you are not on this list, it does NOT mean that you are not cast in the show. I will have a complete cast list for the show completed no later than this Friday at noon. (Hoping before, but being realistic.) I will post the things that you will need to prepare for tonight to print if you would like. It will be on a different post. Copies will also be available tonight at the Goddard. Thanks to all for your wonderful auditions! It makes my heart sing to see this many kids excited about the theater!

ANNIE- Tori Aycox, Isabella Gutierrez, Livia Hobbs, Kaydence Crook, and Mahala Smith.

KATE- Lucy Clemens, Olivia Owen, Ryleigh Sisco, Zoey McDonald and Emma Olliver.

TESSIE- Willa Harvey, Annelise Thompson, Hannah Roberts, , Naledi Griffith, Aubrielle Kretzschmar and Jaycee Miller.

MOLLY- Maggie Bell, Emma Olliver, Mollie Windel, Keeton Hatley, and Stella Hall.

PEPPER- Journee Clark, Macey Minor, Mary Hunnicutt, Rhayleigh James and Rachel Gravitt.

JULY- Addison Sampson, Jacelyn Gay, Kathryn Brooks and Rylie McDonald.

DUFFY- Rylie McDonald and Jacelyn Gay

MISS HANNIGAN- Lisa Riggle, Gina Quary, Donna Nall, Paige Miller, and Julie Clemens.

GRACE FARRELL- Eran Opshal, Summer Calaway, Frankie Bell and Tisa Peevy.

OLIVER WARBUCKS - Joel Wellnitz, and Daniel Oyler

ROOSTER - Dillon Bell, Nate Durbin, Daniel Oyler, and Dylan Morrow

LILY- Katy Morrow, Tisa Peevy, Eran Opshal and Rebecca Lucas.

PRESIDENT FDR- Carl Clark, and John Pryor

BERT HEALEY- Aaron Snow, Dillon Bell, and Terry Colquitt

BERT HEALEY'S GIRLS - Lindsey Clark, Katy Morrow, Rebecca Lucas, Rebekah Gravitt, Laura Caton, Donna Nall, Paige Williams and Chelsae Castanos. ********Please arrive at 6:30 if possible.

Again, thank you for auditioning. Please watch for the cuttings for tonight on a different post very soon. See you tonight!

Call Back Cuttings and Music


Annie & Warbucks                  Maybe Music & Scene1                 Annie, Orphans and Miss Hannigan

                                     Tomorrow Music for Annie       

Other Orphans

  Maybe Music & Scene 1                Annie, Orphans and Miss Hannigan

Miss Hannigan

   Little Girls Music          Annie, Orphans and Miss Hannigan      Hannigan and Grace Scene


                                          Rooster, Lilly and Hannigan Scene

  Rooster and Lily

Easy Street Music               Rooster, Lilly and Hannigan Scene

     Bert Healey       Fully Dressed Music

      Grace         #29 Bows Music           Hannigan and Grace Scene

     Warbucks          Something was Missing Music          Annie & Warbucks    

     Roosevelt              #29 Bows Music


   Bert Healey's Girls           Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

**Scroll down for cuttings and music files.**